I have been a long-standing user of SureSync on my work and personal computer and have always been extremely happy with the product and service from Pixel IT. Last year [2015] we purchased a new home laptop with Windows 8 and was unable to get the latest version of SureSync to work. I had to do manual backups. In January this year I was contacted by Adam Gurrie and I was very impressed by his drive to get SureSync working properly on our computer. In two sessions of less than 40 minutes he systematically looked at the problem and get SureSync working properly. It is great to have SureSync back to its normal ease of use and have confidence that one’s backup system is working properly. I would also like to acknowledge the excellent help I have received over many years from Robin Moss with purchasing, licensing and technical support.

Michael Sullivan

Formerly Principal Industry Development Officer, Department of Employment Economic Development and Innovation, Queensland

I purchased the NetSupport School solution through Pixel IT to use in all classes K-6 and it certainly made my sessions in the computer lab a thousand times more efficient. Even though I’m not using all the features of the program, the ones I am using have not only helped me, but helped my students become more effective and independent computer users. Technology has changed where once students were very capable computer users, to now tablets are their bread and butter. I am grateful for the support provided by the Pixel IT team. NetSupport School has helped me improve the skills of my students in the quickest and most manageable way.

Michael Brown

Gymea North Public School

I’m a recent user of NetSupport School but so far very happy with the solution and the support I’ve been getting from Pixel IT has been excellent. I know if I experience any issues, they will address them quickly and provide satisfactory results.

David Sainsbury

ICT Network Manager, Grovedale College

About Pixel IT

Pixel IT is an Australian software solutions provider that has been established for over 20 years. With software ranging from remote desktop control, file management and optimization, security, storage, and education-specific solutions, Pixel IT caters to a wide range of client needs. All software solutions in the company portfolio are enterprise-grade, best of breed technology and Pixel prides itself on providing clients with a holistic one-stop professional service including Technical Support, Customer Service and Maintenance. In a nutshell, Pixel IT provides Intelligent Technology that works for you and evolves with you.

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