An affordable, reliable backup and disaster solution that works in both Windows and Mac environments

StorageCraft’s signature solution is the much-lauded ShadowProtect, a backup and disaster recovery solution that works on both Windows and Linux systems, in virtual and physical environments. ShadowProtect comes in versions to suit every level of organization – from large corporations to individual home users. Affordable, reliable and easy to integrate into any operating system, ShadowProtect gives users ease of mind with their data.

Key Features:

  • ShadowProtect can be installed on any server, desktop or laptop you wish to protect. It rapidly and efficiently captures your entire system (including your operating system, applications, settings, services and data).
    You can schedule backups as regularly as every 15 minutes – customize it to your specific environment.
    Choose where to store backup files.
    Monitor your Windows and Linux backup jobs.
    Feel ease of mind with multiple recovery options – you can get your systems back up and running within minutes.
    Backup that captures everything.
    Remote Management of SPX-agent installation and backup-job scheduling.
    Easy to run testing to ensure backups will always work.
    Fast Recovery of files, folders or entire systems, to the same or different hardware.
    Migrate systems to new machines irrespective of hardware choices and without losing uptime.




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User guide:



System Requirements
Component SPX Requirement
CPU 300 MHz or higher Pentium-compatible CPU
Memory The greater of 256 MB or the Operating System minimum
Hard drive space 50 MB free disk space
CD-ROM or DVD drive Required only for CD installs or for using the Recovery Environment
Monitor VGA or higher resolution
Internet Connection Required for seamless upgrades from ShadowProtect 5.x.
Port SPX requires Port 443 open for activation.
Hyper-V Plugin Requires a system running Windows Server 2012 R2 and is acting in a server role.


Linux Volume Architecture
StorageCraft strongly recommends recording the disk partition layout and logical volume configuration when installing SPX. This simplifies the restore process using the Recovery Environment.

Console Requirements
The SPX console requires an XServer GUI desktop environment.

Supported kernels include Ubuntu and CentOS/Red Hat RHEL.



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