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NetSupport School is the market-leading classroom management and instruction solution, providing a wealth of monitoring, control, collaboration and assessment features to help maximise the benefits of technology-led teaching – supporting students as they learn with audio, video, interactive tools, gamification and more.

Working seamlessly across all types of platforms and devices – and specifically designed in consultation with teachers to meet their needs in the classroom – it’s no wonder NetSupport School is the complete classroom management solution of choice.


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Overview of NetSupport School: netsupport-school-v12-overview

Three Perspectives (Teacher/Student/Technician) on NetSupport School: 3-perspectives

Multi-platform features: multiplatform_classroom_management_flyer

12 Ways NetSupport School Helps Teachers: 12-ways-netsupport-school-can-help-teachers

Student Perspective: students-perspective

Whitepaper – BYOD Best Practices Guidelines: netsupport-school-byod-best-practice-guide

Cyberbullying: cyber-bullying

E-safety: esafety-ofsted_2

Internet Control: internet-control

Windows 10: windows-10

Manuals / Guidelines: getting-started-guide






Internet Explorer 5 Service Pack 2 or above.
Windows XP (SP3), 2003 (SP2), Vista, 2008, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1
and Windows 10.
50Mbytes free disk space for Student-only installation.
140Mbytes free disk space for a Tutor-only installation.
100Mbytes free disk space for an IT Technician-only installation.
160Mbytes free disk space for full installation.
NetSupport School operates in Terminal Server, Thin/Zero Client, Virtual
Desktop, Multiseat and shared-resource computing environments and is
supported on Google Chromebooks and Android tablets.
Tutor Assistant app supported on iOS devices running version 4.3 and
higher, Android 2.3 and higher.
Native Teacher app supported on Windows 10 devices.
Tutor for Android app supported on Android tablets running version 4.0.3
or later.
Student for Android app supported on Android tablets running version 4.0
or later.
Student for iOS app supported on iOS devices running version 6.0 or
The NetSupport School Tutor requires a screen resolution of 1024 x 768
or above.
Synchronised Multimedia Player for WAV, MOV, AVI, MPG, etc. files