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NetSupport Manager is the choice among military and financial institutions across the globe. As the exclusive Australian distributor, Pixel IT have supplied this solution to numerous government, corporate and SME environments. This award-winning multi-platform software solution caters for Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, iOS and Chrome workstations.


Features include:

  • Monitoring with interactive thumbnails – view all connected workstations simultaneously.
    Remote control – watch, share or control the screen, keyboard and mouse of any PC.
    Auto-grouping of remote systems – overview of your IT infrastructure.
    File transfer – simple drag and drop interface.
    Remote inventory and system information – real-time view of hardware and software installed. Full inventory of current installed applications.
    Connectivity – designed to work over a LAN, WAN or the internet, with support for both TCP/IP and HTTP communications (and even legacy IPX and NetBIOS support).
    Geo Location – Location determined on all remote devices
    Chat, Messages, Help Requests and Audio Support
    Flexibility – features that make the solution as simple and flexible as possible include remote clipboard, remote printer re-direction, a full scripting and scheduling suite to automate tasks, a network deployment tool, the ability to remotely launch applications, a remote command prompt and registry editor.
    Security – activity logs, user acknowledgement, 256bit encryption, smart card support, AD integration and more.
    Integration – can work standalone or within existing systems, can be accessed and utilized directly.


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PC requirements:
Windows 10, 8 and 8.1 (32bit and 64 bit), Windows Server 2012,
Windows 7 (32bit and 64bit), 2008 (32bit, 64 bit and R2), Vista
(32bit and 64 bit), 2003 (Service Pack 1) and XP (Service Pack 3 and
TCP/IP, HTTP or legacy (IPX and NetBIOS).
NetSupport Manager offers full integration with thin and zero Client
environments as well as compatibility with MultiPoint, MultiSeat and
virtual desktop environments from WYSE Technologies, Microsoft, HP,
NComputing (X-series and L-series), MiniFrame (SoftXpand) and
many others.



About Pixel IT

Pixel IT is an Australian software solutions provider that has been established for 25 years. With software ranging from desktop management, high level security and device control, asset and inventory management, data storage, classroom management, disaster recovery, performance and optimization, Pixel IT provides solutions to meet a wide range of client needs. The company prides itself on providing clients with a holistic one-stop professional service including Technical Support, Customer Service and Maintenance.

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