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DNA for Education Brochure: dna4_edu

DNA for Corporation Brochure: dna_corp_en

DNA Safeguarding Students: dna-safeguarding_web

DNA Multi-site support: netsupport-dna-focus-on-multi-site-support

ITAM for SME: itam-for-use-in-smes-1

Reduce Operating Costs: reducing_hidden_operating_costs

Cut Your Costs: cut_your_costs_update

NetSupport DNA and NetSupport School combination: nssp_dna_combo

NetSupport DNA Data Stats: dna_data-stats

NetSupport DNA Benefits: dnav4_benefits

NetSupport DNA Features and Benefits: dna_features_benefits_update

NetSupport DNA 8 Ways Security: dnav4_8ways_security_doc

Whitepaper on eSafety in Schools with NetSupport DNA: netsupport_eschool-news-dna-whitepaper

Manuals: DNA-Manual

Minimum hardware: Intel Pentium 4 with 2GB Ram or higher.*
Free space required: 300 MB+ (dependent on number of Agents
Windows Vista, 7, 8/8.1 and 10.
Windows Server 2003 SP3 or higher.
Databases supported: SQL Express (2012 included), SQL Server 2005 or
later. If no version of SQL exists on the target system when installing the
DNA Server you will be prompted to either install SQL Express (included
in the NetSupport DNA setup file), or to specify the address of an existing
SQL Server.