Classroom.Cloud by NetSupport

Affordable classroom instruction, online safety, and IT management for schools worldwide

Forget edtech fatigue… is our 3-in-1 award-winning solution, built on impact and evidence.
It provides simple yet essential tools for flexible instruction, online safety, and IT management – in any setting.


Classroom Instruction

For teaching staff is a teacher’s dream come true. Incredibly easy to use, it provides a range of teaching tools that can flex to any learning environment – both in school and with remote learners. From real-time instruction and assessment tools, to boosting collaboration and support, as well as helping manage online behavior – it has it all!
  • Share your screen and audio to help explain lesson activities
  • Monitor students’ screens to ensure they’re on task
  • Deliver support quickly and easily via the help request tool
  • Give every student a voice with chat and messaging tools
  • Use surveys to gamify assessment
  • Control website and application usage
  • Launch websites and applications directly on students’ devices to help save time
  • Remote control students’ screens to remedy activity
  • Control the use of USBs/webcam/audio during class
  • Lock their screens to gain attention
  • Power off, Restart or Log out class devices either individually, a selected number, or all at once
  • Reset students’ passwords without IT support
  • Remotely login a student device (Windows only)

Online Safety

For online safety staff

Maintaining a safe and secure learning environment at all times has never been more important. With the optional online safety toolkit, selected staff can monitor online activity, identify students at risk, and spot concerning trends. Its powerful tools are perfect for helping to inform your online safety strategy/policies and meeting the latest requirements.