Formerly Diskeeper

Condusiv are known the world-over for their innovative performance-maximizing software solutions. Formerly known as Diskeeper – a name derived from their flagship file defragmentation solution – the company has developed with the virtual times to become a global leader in optimization solutions for both virtual and physical environments. Their signature products include: Diskeeper, V-Locity and Undelete.

Diskeeper is the world’s number 1 utility for keeping Windows machines running like new.

V-Locity accelerates application performance on virtual and physical services by an average of 50%, eliminating the need to buy new or additional hardware.

Undelete is the ultimate file recovery solution – it is tailored for quick recovery of single files that are lost or overwritten.

About Pixel IT

Pixel IT is an Australian software solutions provider that has been established for over 20 years. With software ranging from remote desktop control, file management and optimization, security, storage, and education-specific solutions, Pixel IT caters to a wide range of client needs. All software solutions in the company portfolio are enterprise-grade, best of breed technology and Pixel prides itself on providing clients with a holistic one-stop professional service including Technical Support, Customer Service and Maintenance. In a nutshell, Pixel IT provides Intelligent Technology that works for you and evolves with you.

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