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Pixel IT are the exclusive distributors for all NetSupport solutions in Australia. Our partnership was formed not long after Pixel started operations in 1997. NetSupport have been at the forefront of developing solutions for management of desktop computers and their users for 25 years and have customized products for both the Education and Corporate sectors. Their Education solutions are suitable for all levels of schooling from primary up to tertiary and higher learning environments. Their Corporate solutions are suitable for SME as well as large corporations, government and non-profit organizations.

Product Portfolio

NetSupport Manager: Remote Control
Monitor multiple systems in a single action; deliver hands-on remote support or interactive training, and gather real-time inventory and system data.

NetSupport DNA: Asset Management
Includes Hardware and Software Inventory; Software License Management; PC and Network Alerting; User and Change Management; Application and Internet Metering; Software Distribution and a Web-based Helpdesk

NetSupport School: Windows Classroom Management
An award-winning classroom management software that allows teachers to instruct, monitor and interact with students individually, as a pre-defined group or as a whole class.

NetSupport Assist: Mac and Linux Classroom Management
A classroom monitoring and collaboration solution for use within a Mac or Linux classroom.

NetSupport Notify: Desktop Alerting
A cost-effective, secure mass desktop notification and alerting solution.

NetSupport ServiceDesk: Browser-based Helpdesk
Built to support ITIL best practice guidelines – Incident, Problem, Change and Service Level Management.

NetSupport Protect: Desktop Security
Desktop security software that provides a secure, reliable and productive computer environment.

NetSupport 24-7: On-demand support and collaboration
An on-demand remote support tool that helps you assist customers – wherever they are in the world.

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Northern Parklife

Swedish company Northern Parklife developed the Northern Storage Suite: a comprehensive storage solution that helps organizations manage their user data. While certain issues with data can be resolved with tools that prevent duplication and compress or optimize existing files, the Northern Storage Suite addresses the way that data is created – through the end users. By providing thorough analysis of user-generated data, the Northern Storage Suite gives organizations the insight and control to create goals and policy-based processes that will stem data growth and extend the life of storage infrastructure. This enables organizations to cut out unnecessary expenditure and address operational risk and compliance. This effectively makes efficient storage a part of business culture.

Northern Storage Suite delivers :

  • Insight into user-generated data through enterprise-wide reporting. This shows how resources are used and will be used in future.
  • Control over user-generated data through establishing disk quotas.

The Northern Storage Suite is a Windows-based software solution that can be used on any direct attached storage, all CIFS compliant NAS devices and has dedicated support for EMC VNX, EMC Isilon and NetApp NAS.

Heat software | Pixel IT

HEAT Software

Formerly Lumension

Pixel IT have been at the forefront of cybersecurity in Australia for two decades. We have partnered with the same company during this time – which is eons in IT years. While that company has gone through some name and branding changes, their risk management and endpoint security solutions are still lauded as the best of breed in IT security. HEAT Software, formerly known as Lumension, provide unified endpoint management solutions that enable organizations to manage critical risk, protect vital information and demonstrate compliance with regulatory and/or industry standards. With the explosive growth of malware, ransomware and targeted cyber attacks, no organization can afford the risk of exposure. A modern approach to risk mitigation involves software security measures, best practices policy and compliance.

The HEAT range offers both individual products as well as their signature endpoint security management suite and endpoint security express package – all of which were formerly under the Lumension name.

HEAT holistic solution packages:

  • HEAT Endpoint Management and Security Suite (HEMSS)
  • HEAT Endpoint Security Xpress (HESS)

Individual Product types:

  • HEAT AntiVirus
  • HEAT Application Control (formerly Lumension Application Control)
  • HEAT Device Control (formerly Lumension Device Control)
  • HEAT Disk Encryption
  • HEAT Patch and Remediation 
  • HEAT Content Wizard 
  • HEAT Security Configuration Management 
  • HEAT Endpoint Power Management
  • HEAT Enterprise Reporting 
  • HEAT Reporting Services
  • HEAT Risk Manager
  • HEAT for Microsoft System Centre
  • HEAT LANrev Client & Mobility Management


Formerly Diskeeper

Condusiv are known the world-over for their innovative performance-maximizing software solutions. Formerly known as Diskeeper – a name derived from their flagship file defragmentation solution – the company has developed with the virtual times to become a global leader in optimization solutions for both virtual and physical environments. Their signature products include: Diskeeper, V-Locity and Undelete.

Diskeeper is the world’s number 1 utility for keeping Windows machines running like new.

V-Locity accelerates application performance on virtual and physical services by an average of 50%, eliminating the need to buy new or additional hardware.

Undelete is the ultimate file recovery solution – it is tailored for quick recovery of single files that are lost or overwritten.

NetSupport | Pixel IT Australia

Software Pursuits

Software Pursuits Software Pursuits have been developing software since 1975 and are most known for their file replication and synchronization solution, SureSync. This solution allows organizations to manage data that needs to be available to their end users continuously, as well as providing effective file protection, distribution, sharing and migration. It also enables companies to share local files between remote locations and distribute files to remote offices. If offers real- time syncing and delta file updates – key features that set it apart from other Windows files sharing and syncing solutions.

Pixel IT have been working with Software Pursuits for a number of years and are the exclusive distributors in Australia for SureSync. The SureSync solution comes in various forms, suitable for all types of working environments.

SureSync can be used for the following:

  • File Replication
  • Files Synchronization
  • Improve Data Availability
  • Centralized Back-Ups
  • Cross-Platform Replication
  • File Distribution
  • File Server Migration
  • File Server Consolidation
  • Global File Sharing
NetSupport | Pixel IT Australia


Neuxpower are the developers of the NxPowerlite solutions – which enable simple and fast storage reduction. Created to cut the size of bloated Microsoft, JPEG and PDF files, NxPowerlite provides a permanent compression solution that frees up storage and allows for easy exchange of data via email and web servers. The solution reduces file size without compromising whatsoever on the file integrity – users always have access to the original file format, it simply optimizes internal file elements to decrease the size. By reducing storage space consumed by swollen files, NxPowerlite automatically prolongs server life. When you employ NxPowerlite in your organization, you can expect a minimum of 25% storage reduction. This storage saving will enable businesses to migrate their data faster and backup more effectively.

NxPowerlite is available in desktop, server and exchange versions.

Storage Craft | Pixel IT Australia


StorageCraft’s signature solution is the much-lauded ShadowProtect, a backup and disaster recovery solution that works on both Windows and Linux systems and in virtual and physical environments. ShadowProtect comes in versions to suit every level of organization – from large corporations to individual home users. Affordable, reliable and easy to integrate into any operating system, ShadowProtect gives users ease of mind with their data.

Key features:

  • ShadowProtect can be installed on any server, desktop or laptop you wish to protect. It rapidly and efficiently captures your entire system (including your operating system, applications, settings, services and data).
  • You can schedule backups as regularly as every 15 minutes – customize it to your specific environment.
  • Choose where to store backup files.
  • Monitor your Windows and Linux backup jobs.
  • Feel ease of mind with multiple recovery options – you can get your systems back up an running within minutes.

About Pixel IT

Pixel IT is an Australian software solutions provider that has been established for over 20 years. With software ranging from remote desktop control, file management and optimization, security, storage, and education-specific solutions, Pixel IT caters to a wide range of client needs. All software solutions in the company portfolio are enterprise-grade, best of breed technology and Pixel prides itself on providing clients with a holistic one-stop professional service including Technical Support, Customer Service and Maintenance. In a nutshell, Pixel IT provides Intelligent Technology that works for you and evolves with you.

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