Cyber Security Matters

Pixel IT Pty Ltd are pleased to present DriveLock with guest speaker Anton Kreuzer ( CEO of DriveLock) at the Telstra Tower at 12pm on November the 28th 2019 for our Cyber Security Matters “ How to achieve Zero Trust with Pixel IT & DriveLock” roadshow !

What is Zero Trust?

Zero Trust is a comprehensive security architecture for businesses to prevent data breaches and defend against modern cybersecurity threats. Conventional security approaches often focus on external threats and its perimeters, leaving the organisation defenceless against insider threat. “Trust but verify” is no longer valid in the modern threat landscape as it leaves you vulnerable and ultimately reliant on crisis management.

Zero Trust, therefore, treats all devices, services and users with the same caution. This emphasises the focus on data and gathers security functions into a unified data protection strategy. You are now able to develop a strong defence and detection system with incident response capabilities to protect your business’ critical data.

Zero Trust emphasises the notion of “never trust, always verify”. This includes not trusting any user or device within and outside of your network. Well-equipped cybercriminals are consistently working to steal your sensitive data, the lifeline of your digital business. Zero Trust’s pragmatic and proactive approach attempts to overcome and stay ahead of the continuously growing and sophisticated cyber threat landscape.

Come along to learn more register your interest below and don’t forget to pass this onto any likeminded professionals you feel might benefit.

Where: Telstra Tower Canberra
When: 28/11/2019

  • 11:45 – Coffee &  registration
  • 12:00 – Introduction to Pixel IT – Cyber Security overview
  • 12:15 – DriveLock – How to achieve Zero Trust with DriveLock
  • 14:00 – Summary – Pixel IT

Cyber Security Matters - How to achieve Zero Trust with DriveLock - Canberra - 28th November 2019

Cyber Security Matters - Canberra 28th November