2019 – Pixels $50,000 Free Implementation Pot

Putting this offer in perspective.

We are so confident in our products and services team that we are backing them for $50,000. We want them to make your transition or implentation to our award winning solutions so easy that you will tell your friends, collegues and perhaps even invite us to Sunday dinner.

We have given the Services team $50,000 to write off new implentation service requests. Naturally there are conditions and they are simple… If you are late in getting in on this offer of Free Implementation Services then the pot may be empty.

* Further condition information at the end of this email

DriveLock – Security

Application Control with Smart AppGuard

Securely protects against threats such as Zero-Day-Exploits, WannaCry, Ransomware or Bad USB

Device Control with Smart DeviceGuard

Controls all removable media and devices. A customised policy can be created based on machine, user, device or company-wide policy. Ensuring compliance through direct policy deployment or deep AD/GPO integration.

Device Encryption

Encrypts sensitive information reliably and – thanks to the support of hardware-based encryption (AES NI) – quickly

Increased productivity

We are experts in what we do. Let our many years of experience assist you and your team to create the perfect implementation. We can show you how we set up solution on a daily basis. No need to read hundreds of pages in manuals, we will give you that knowledge and your day to day routines during the process.

What may take your multiple team members 3 weeks to learn and configure may take us 3 hours. Use the time you have just saved by letting us show you WHY it should be configured in this way, and WHAT to do when X happens. 

Training for the team

In every implementation we offer an initial training session. This allows you to spend more time understanding the requirements and resolving questions from staff/end users.

Arrange a call with us

We can call you at your convenience and answer any and all questions

Arrange a Demonstration

We can demonstate all aspects of the solution

Request a free trial Download

30 Day free trial – Engage with our team to make this a smooth process

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* Naturally there are terms and conditions for every offer.

– This offer is available for all new purchases over $1000 until the end of our pre-allocated fund.

– We will post updates to our website when this offer is no longer available.

– Should the implementation requirement be more then the remaining available pot. The difference will be required in order to secure the implementation services.

– We reserve the write to cancel this service before it is complete should the systems/network environment not be functioning to standard. (This prevents 1 customer using all of the pot when they have poorly configured systems. We trust you understand this)