HEAT Software

Formerly Lumension

Pixel IT have been at the forefront of cybersecurity in Australia for two decades. We have partnered with the same company during this time – which is eons in IT years. While that company has gone through some name and branding changes, their risk management and endpoint security solutions are still lauded as the best of breed in IT security. HEAT Software, formerly known as Lumension, provide unified endpoint management solutions that enable organizations to manage critical risk, protect vital information and demonstrate compliance with regulatory and/or industry standards. With the explosive growth of malware, ransomware and targeted cyber attacks, no organization can afford the risk of exposure. A modern approach to risk mitigation involves software security measures, best practices policy and compliance.

The HEAT range offers both individual products as well as their signature endpoint security management suite and endpoint security express package – all of which were formerly under the Lumension name.

HEAT holistic solution packages:

  • HEAT Endpoint Management and Security Suite (HEMSS)
  • HEAT Endpoint Security Xpress (HESS)

Individual Product types:

  • HEAT AntiVirus
  • HEAT Application Control (formerly Lumension Application Control)
  • HEAT Device Control (formerly Lumension Device Control)
  • HEAT Disk Encryption
  • HEAT Patch and Remediation 
  • HEAT Content Wizard 
  • HEAT Security Configuration Management 
  • HEAT Endpoint Power Management
  • HEAT Enterprise Reporting 
  • HEAT Reporting Services
  • HEAT Risk Manager
  • HEAT for Microsoft System Centre
  • HEAT LANrev Client & Mobility Management

About Pixel IT

Pixel IT is an Australian software solutions provider that has been established for over 20 years. With software ranging from remote desktop control, file management and optimization, security, storage, and education-specific solutions, Pixel IT caters to a wide range of client needs. All software solutions in the company portfolio are enterprise-grade, best of breed technology and Pixel prides itself on providing clients with a holistic one-stop professional service including Technical Support, Customer Service and Maintenance. In a nutshell, Pixel IT provides Intelligent Technology that works for you and evolves with you.

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