It is now possible to prevent malware, zero-day and advanced memory injection attacks without impacting productivity by enforcing flexible application whitelisting policies that identify and prevent the installation and execution of any unwanted, untrusted or malicious applications. Protect your IT environment against the UNKNOWN and not just KNOWN threats. Discover Lumension Application Control

Application Whitelisting Stops KNOWN and UNKNOWN Threats

Application ControlWere you aware that each month approximately 3 million new malware signatures are identified? Increasily sophistocated threats emerge on a daily basis with traditional anti-virus solutions playing a constant game of catch up to protect you against known threats – But what about the UNKNOWN? The facts are, without Application Whitelisting your environment is vulnerable.

All major anti-virus vendors have concluded that stand-alone anti-virus models no longer provide effective defence and state that additional security layers are required to address new sophisticated threats.  Were you aware that less than 20% of malware is identified in the first day of its existence? This detection rate rises to only 62% after its first month of existence!   What about the remaining 38%?

Application whitelisting is engineered to only allow specifically selected programs and software libraries (DLLs) to be executed, while all others are prevented. While primarily implemented to prevent the execution and spread of malicious software (malware), it can also prevent the installation or use of unauthorised applications.

Key Features of Application Control

  • Application Whitelisting
  • Advanced Memory Protection
  • Application Reputation Scoring
  • Easy Auditor / Lockdown
  • Automated Trust Engine
  • Local Authorization
  • Centralized Application Management
  • Application Event Log
  • Denied Application Policy
  • Flexible User- and Machine-based Policy Enforcement
  • Offline Computer Protection
  • Integration with Lumension Endpoint Management and Security Suite


Application Control